An Albanian known otherwise as «Niko» or «El Gordo», accused of alliances with Colombian drug traffickers, has been arrested in Santa Marta.

The Albanian was wanted in more than 180 countries and will be considered a high-value target by French authorities, Europol and Interpol.

The Prosecutor’s Office and the Police arrested in Santa Marta (Magdalena) the Albanian named Besnik Nikolli, known as «Niko» or «El Gordo», who since October 2021 is wanted by the French authorities through an Interpol investigation for the crime of drug trafficking.

The arrested person is involved in money laundering crimes as well as drug trafficking. From the information possessed by the investigative body, it was determined that ‘Niko’ was in the service of drug trafficking structures that commit crimes in France, Albania, the Netherlands and Germany.

Apparently, his presence in Colombia was intended to establish contacts with drug trafficking networks. These actions would have made the detainee considered a high-value target for Europol, Interpol and the French authorities.

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