Officers carried out raids in three towns on Tuesday morning, and said those in custody were suspected of planning Islamist attacks in Sweden.

Police in Sweden have arrested five people suspected of conspiracy to commit terrorist offences. 

Raids were carried out in the towns of Eskiltuna and Strängnäs, west of Stockholm; and Linköping, south of the capital, on Tuesday morning, with the Swedish Security Service Sapo saying they undertook an intelligence-driven investigation ahead of the arrests. 

Authorities say those arrested have ”international links to violent Islamist extremism.”

”The Security Service often needs to intervene at an early stage to avert a threat. We cannot wait for a crime to be completed before we act,” says Susanna Trehörning, Deputy Head of Counterterrorism at Sapo. 

”The current case is one of several that the Swedish Security Service has been working on since the protests directed at Sweden in connection with the high-profile Koran burning in January, where international calls for attacks have been made,” Trehörning adds. 

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