The Scandinavian population wonders whether Sweden will ever win the war on drugs?
Can you be protected?

We started this investigation as early as the beginning of January, before the Swedish authorities announced a shocking new record (they had seized nearly 21 tons of cocaine in 2022 at the port of Helsingborg, breaking the previous record of 18 tons in 2021).

The police are looking for one of the main accused drug traffickers in the world.

the authorities are convinced that the person they are looking for, runs a massive cocaine smuggling operation through Helsingborg, Hamburg and the port of Antwerp from the safety of Dubai, drugs that come from Latin America.

In Sweden the crime rate is a continuous increase between cocaine smuggling that flood the port of Helsingborg and gang killings.

The port of Helsingborg where officials estimate that only 5% of incoming containers can be checked, a thriving trade in easily recyclable vegetables and gold, and close access to a modern transport network which is the gateway to the Scandinavian countries has created a monster of organize.

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