It is approaching 1 p.m. in Ukraine, where first responders have finished working to clear debris after a devastating Russian strike on the Ukrainian city of Dnipro yesterday.

  • Search and rescue complete: After working through the night, emergency services finished clearing the rubble of the three-story medical facility in Dnipro that had been struck by Russian forces a day earlier, Ukrainian authorities said Saturday.
  • The toll: At least two people were killed and another 32 were wounded, including five in critical condition. Two of those injured were children, ages 3 and 6. Three people remained unaccounted for as of Saturday morning.
  • Vet clinic among sites struck: More than three dozen high-rise buildings, at least 20 private houses, several schools and a local stadium were damaged in the attack, a local official said. A veterinary clinic was also struck, forcing staff to save animals from the burning building.
  • War crimes condemnation: An incensed adviser to Ukraine’s president called the attacks ”clear evidence” that Russia intentionally targets civilians with strikes like the one on Dnipro. The adviser said such attacks should be considered war crimes — a sentiment echoed by the French government. There have been more than 900 attacks on Ukraine’s health care system since Russia’s full-scale invasion began, according to the World Health Organization.

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