Newly published video shows the moments running up to an explosion that killed Russian military journalist Vladen Tartovsky in a St Petersburg café on Sunday.

Tatarsky died when a blast tore through the cafe where he was appearing as a guest of a pro-war group called Cyber Front Z. Prior Russian media reports suggested that Tatarsky may have been killed by a device hidden in a figurine presented to him by a woman before the blast.

The 25-second video shows Tartovsky putting a statuette given to him at the event into a box after passing the microphone to another man.

He places the statuette back into the box and then covers it with what appears to be paper wrapping. As he presses down the paper, there is an explosion.

In the last two seconds of the video, Tartovsky is pixillated, but the rest of the scene is not.

More to know: The well-known Russian blogger was killed in what appeared to be an audacious attack on a high-profile pro-Kremlin figure, officials said.

Authorities said they were treating the case as suspected murder.

At least 32 people were injured in the blast, with 10 people in serious condition, state media Ria Novosti reported, citing the Russian Ministry of Health.

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