Ukraine has invited Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to visit, after the Republican dismissed the Russian invasion as a ”territorial dispute”.

Mr DeSantis is widely expected to run for president in 2024 and made his remarks in response to questions sent to possible Republican contenders.

The former congressman said continued US support of Ukraine was not among the country’s ”vital national interests”.

The comment signalled he would probably scale back aid if he became president.

It also aligned Mr DeSantis with former President Donald Trump, the leading contender for the Republican nomination, who has opposed US support for Kyiv and criticised the Biden administration’s handling of the war.

Their comments show the divide in the Republican Party between isolationists who are sceptical of providing military aid and the establishment party policy of supporting Kyiv.

In his response to a questionnaire by Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, Mr DeSantis said: ”While the US has many vital national interests… becoming further entangled in a territorial dispute between Ukraine and Russia is not one of them.”

The 44-year-old has not officially announced his intention to challenge Mr Trump for the Republican nomination, but has been taking all the necessary steps suggesting he will do so.

When asked the same question on whether US backing for Kyiv was vital for Washington, Mr Trump said: ”No, it is for Europe. But not for the United States.”

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