”Sweden’s national drug strategy, the Comprehensive Strategy for Alcohol, Narcotics, Doping and Tobacco (ANDT), adopted in 2016, covers the period 2016-20. Its overarching goal is to have a society free from narcotics and doping, reduced medical and social harm from alcohol and reduced tobacco use. In 2018, the Swedish Riksdag adopted eight new target areas for public health policy. The overall aim of the policy has been reformulated to have a clear focus on equity in health. Measures relating to illicit drugs and other substances are relevant for several of the target areas. The ANDT strategy takes, as its starting point, the right of every person to have the best possible physical and mental health. The ANDT strategy is structured around six objectives and each objective has defined fields of action.

”Sweden follows up on and evaluates its drug policy and strategy by monitoring indicators aimed at describing developments related to the ANDT strategy’s objectives. In 2015, two different multi-criterion evaluations of the Strategy for Alcohol, Narcotics, Doping and Tobacco for 2011-15 were completed. The Swedish Agency for Public Management carried out a process evaluation focused on the degree to which the stated objectives were met and their operational level and quality. The Public Health Agency of Sweden undertook an evaluation that considered the implementation of the strategy based on the indicators it included, its design and the development of the successor strategy for the period 2016-20.”

European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (2019), Sweden, Country Drug Report 2019, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg.

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