United Kingdom: Yellow warning in several territories for bad weather. Snowstorms in Poland and Estonia. Overflowing rivers in Croatia and Bosnia.

All according to script in the UK. According to the weather service, the cold wave that has hit the country, with highs of minus 10 degrees in some areas, is not unusual at this time of year. United Kingdom, yellow alert A heavy snowfall has whitened London since Sunday. Snow and frost are causing traffic disruption. A yellow severe weather alert has been issued in several territories, including the south east and south west of England and the north of Scotland.

Poland: Snow and plummeting temperatures The heavy snowfall that is affecting Poland has spread to the northern part of the country. There are transport problems: several buses and trains have been delayed. Police have reported an increase in the number of traffic accidents. Meteorologists predict temperatures from minus 10-15 degrees to minus 20 degrees during the night hours. Estonia, bad weather and blackouts In Estonia, more than 10,500 households – about half on the islands – were without power in the early afternoon of Monday due to the snowstorm that swept the country on Saturday. A new storm coming from the south caused more blackouts in several territories. Flights were cancelled and maritime traffic between the mainland and Hiiumaa was disrupted due to strong winds that swept the coasts.

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