The foreign ministers of the 27: new sanctions against Iran, instead prevarication on Russia.

All 27 agree to finance Ukraine’s war effort, the European Union’s foreign ministers said yes to an additional €2 billion to be allocated to the fund to support Kyiv in the war. Josep Borrell, High Representative for European Foreign Policy. ”We assist Ukraine in repairing the energy grid, we will increase energy exports to Ukraine, we will continue to work so that those responsible for this war do not go unpunished.” The ministers were also due to discuss a ninth package of sanctions on Russia, on which there is currently no agreement while new ones have been imposed on Iran for the crackdown on protests and the supply of drones to Moscow.

Josep Borrell again: ”We consider the use of capital punishment against demonstrators unacceptable; The new package of sanctions aims to target those responsible for the repression against protesters.” The sanctions target 20 individuals and one entity for human rights violations. Last month, the 27 hit the Revolutionary Guards themselves.

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