Twelve women have been groped by a person on a bicycle in Alkmaar so far this year, the police told NH. The attacks have been happening off and on for three years. Since 2020, nearly 60 women and one man have been grabbed by their buttocks while walking or jogging in the city.

The victims are of all ages. One girl was 14 when the perpetrator groped her. The first report was in September 2020, the latest on 10 August 2023. The perpetrator almost always cycles up behind the victim, grabs, smacks, or pinches their buttocks, and then cycles off.

The attacks happened all over Alkmaar. No one has been arrested for the assaults this year, though a minor boy was convicted of four earlier cases.

The police suspect there are multiple perpetrators, investigation leader Jaap Grippeling told NH. “They are smacked and pinched, and the descriptions differ,” he said.

Grippeling urged victims to come forward quickly and not wait a day or two as often happens. “The chance of catching the perpetrator is increased if the moment of reporting takes place shortly after the incident,” he said.

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