1. Ecstasy use is common among young people

Because Ecstasy (MDMA) receives a lot of media attention, it sometimes seems as if everyone uses Ecstasy. That’s not true: most young people never use Ecstasy. Among young people who often go to festivals and dance parties, there is a large group that sometimes or regularly uses Ecstasy.

2. Ecstasy is often contaminated

MDMA is the substance that should be in ecstasy. There have been periods in the past when many ecstasy pills contained substances other than MDMA. For example, PMMA. Nowadays, 98% of ecstasy pills in the Netherlands contain MDMA. Ecstasy is therefore no longer polluted as often in the Netherlands. In fact, the dose of MDMA in a pill is now often so high that it can cause health problems.

3. You can tell from a pill what’s in it.

Many people think that pills with the same logo and color have the same content. That is not the case. There can be dozens of variants of the same logo (for example pigeon), all of which contain different amounts of MDMA or other substances. Sometimes the different variants are almost indistinguishable from each other. The only way to really know what’s in a pill, and how high a pill’s dosage is, is to test it at a testing service.

4. Those who use ecstasy should drink a lot.

It is indeed good to drink a non-alcoholic drink regularly when you use Ecstasy. But drinking a lot of water is dangerous for ecstasy users. Because of ecstasy you can urinate less well and the fluid remains in your body. If that becomes too much, your body can’t get rid of it. Then there can be a life-threatening swelling in your brain. Therefore, an ecstasy user should drink 1 drink per hour.

5. If things go wrong with Ecstasy, it’s because of wrong pills.

It is often thought that contaminated pills are the cause of health problems after ecstasy use. But that’s not true. Especially the high dosages of the pills seem to play an important role in the problems that many people get after using Ecstasy. Today, an ecstasy pill is more than twice as strong as it was ten years ago.

6. MDMA is a pure form of Ecstasy.

What is MDMA and what is Ecstasy? Ecstasy is the popular name of MDMA. An ecstasy pill should therefore contain MDMA. Almost all ecstasy pills contain MDMA. There is also a powder and crystal form of ecstasy. This is often referred to as MDMA powder or MDMA crystals or MDMA. The active ingredient in this is simply the same as in a pill: MDMA. The operation and risks are the same.

7. Ecstasy always makes you happy

Most people feel happy and well after using Ecstasy. If you use ecstasy often, or use high doses, you no longer experience that feeling as strongly. An ecstasy intoxication can also turn out wrong, making people feel gloomy and anxious. In people who are prone to depression and anxiety, this can sometimes trigger long-term complaints. People who have felt a pleasant effect can also feel gloomy after use (sometimes a few days after).

8. One pill can’t hurt.

Even if you only use once and use little, ecstasy is not safe. Every person reacts differently to Ecstasy and the circumstances also determine how Ecstasy falls. It is therefore impossible to predict how you will react to an ecstasy pill. It can give a pleasant effect, but it can also give unpleasant and even life-threatening side effects. That risk is not great, but it is present.

9. You can’t die from ecstasy.

People have died from the use of Ecstasy. They often had too high a body temperature. This can be caused by an unexpected sensitivity of the person, but also by a high dosage. For example, because the pills contain a lot of MDMA. Combination with other means increases the risks.

10. Ecstasy is addictive.

Many people who have used ecstasy want to experience it again. Some people don’t like going out without ecstasy anymore. Most people stop using Ecstasy without too much trouble. Compared to other substances, there are few people who ask for help for ecstasy addiction.

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