College athletes are dealing with even more challenges than an average student because they must manage complex training sessions and live with more than a single schedule. It also poses relevant financial difficulties since they have to take care of logistics and all the sports equipment that one may require for individual training. It must be said that earning a college scholarship is one of the most efficient solutions that may help in avoiding all the stress that usually comes along when managing sports, competitions, and getting through a plethora of complex assignments.

Top 7 Sports That Can Give You A College Scholarship 

  1. American Football.

NCAA College Football needs no introduction, as it offers one of the most famous (and largest) scholarship amounts. As a rule, the funding that one may receive also varies from school to school. Considering that there are 130 colleges belonging to the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), the competition is fierce. According to NCSA Sports, there are 85 FBS scholarships that provide it all, from boarding to logistics and sports equipment. In addition to athletic merits, scholarships in this field also require academic excellence and social work.

  1. Basketball.

 Basketball takes the honorary second place, yet the rules here are stricter. If you are eligible for the D1 level, you may consider the so-called full scholarship. There are only 13 scholarships for male players and 15 full scholarships for females. What makes these scholarships different is their full-service approach, which includes both learning and everything related to sports. Still, if you are stuck with a personal statement essay or resume editing, consider essay writing for sale where you can ask experts for help and achieve the best results.

  1. Baseball.

The majority of baseball college scholarships go to pitchers. Only then the rest of the athletes are considered. However, players with elite skills are interviewed first. If you have additional skills like creative writing, your chances will only increase. Seeking inspiration, check this life essay sample and get creative. 

  1. Soccer.

 For this purpose, you must consider NAIA schools and relevant junior colleges. It must be noted that coaches have the right to split scholarship amounts as they see fit. Since the numbers can go up to $18,000 for the Division I athletes, it covers not only studies but also the costs required by various competitions. 

  1. Track & Field.

 Since there are over 1,000 college track and field programs, it will always depend on your division and the institution in question. Unless you aim for a private scholarship, you can only choose partial scholarships that are officially issued by the NCSA. Although Ivy League schools do not include track and field, the higher professional level athletes may receive individual financing.

  1. Wrestling.

 As a rule, wrestling scholarships should not exceed the limit of nine students per team. The NCAA will have a limit of 20 people. Of course, you may go beyond an NCAA Division II institution and choose private scholarship options, yet full-ride scholarships are rarely encountered. 

  1. Tennis.

If you are playing tennis, you will have to spend your time busy finding a hitting partner, which will always affect your academic schedule. Even if you play with another college student, you will have to seek other playing opportunities elsewhere. Consider reading about mental health resources for students during Covid-19 as you still have to keep yourself fit.

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