the Dutch aquaculture wholesale association decided to postpone the start of the herring season to Friday 23 June. The postponement also means that the auction of the first barrels of Oransee-Neuve, which traditionally marks the beginning of the season, will take place a week later on Thursday 22nd June.

The reason for the postponement is the current poor quality of herring. Under no circumstances can concessions be made regarding the quality of the Olence-Neuve, so the association believes it has no choice but to postpone the start of the season. The slow development of herring is thought to be due to the relatively low water temperature and the limited number of hours of sunlight in the fishing grounds.

This decision will have a major impact on the many events already planned. After the first barrel auction, the various herring parties should be readjusted.

However, Vlaggetjesdag (Flag Day) Scheveningen will take place on Saturday 17th June. Start of herring season postponed until Friday 23 June

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