Tibetan Mastiff

This dog ranks first among their very trainable dog breeds on earth not because they are not intelligent (they are really very smart!) However, because they are distant and separate. You may need to be more creative than normal when training your Afghan greyhound, but with patience, consistency, plus plenty of treats, you could definitely do it!

St. Bernardo

The dog St. Bernando is intelligent; Never mind. However, his degree of mental independence is exactly what makes training difficult. He’s also a great explorer and a great climber, so even physically demanding coaching courses are a fantastic idea. This dog will try to please you as long as you can keep him curious, however the best training courses won’t work on most St. Bernandos, they are exceptionally independent and will pick and decide whether to comply (like cats!).


Being the favorite companion of emperors and members of the royal court, the poodle has turned into an ego that is a bit bigger than the dog. As a result, the Pekingese is best known for its conceited attitude and respect for my authority. Teaching him to follow your commands is generally met not only with resistance, but the aspect of why I should follow you.

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