We’re pausing our Ukraine coverage for the time being – but here’s a look back at what’s been happening so far this morning.

A meeting of Nato defence ministers is under way in Brussels for a second day, with Western allies discussing how they can bolster Ukraine’s defences against Russian forces.

  • Russia’s failing strategy: Speaking to the BBC before heading into the Nato talks, British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said Russia had not been able to ”punch through” Ukraine’s defences, and that 97% of its army was estimated to be in Ukraine
  • No fighter jets: Wallace said the UK would not send fighter jets to Ukraine any time soon. He said the focus was on ensuring Kyiv’s long-term resilience
  • Staying put: The defence secretary was also forced to deny reports that he had threatened to resign if the UK’s defence spending was not increased
  • Tanks top agenda: Ukraine’s defence minister Oleksii Reznikov tweeted last night that he expected tanks to be a major talking point among Nato allies today
  • Ammo dominates talks too: And we briefly heard from Nato secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg. He gave a quick run through of what the alliance will discuss – including defence spending plans and increasing the production of armaments and ammunition

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